An Atlas of
Internal Solitary-like Waves
and their Properties

Second Edition
February 2004

Prepared under contract with the Office of Naval Research
Code 322PO

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suggestions and inquiries to:

Global Ocean Associates

  Front Matter 
Background and Theory
North Atlantic Ocean
  Atlantic Seamounts (4.6 MB)
  Azores (2.7MB)
  Bay of Biscay (11.5MB)
  Celtic Sea (1.1 MB)
  East Greenland Shelf (1.1 MB)
  Gulf of Mexico (9.3 MB)
  Iberian Peninsula - Atlantic Coast (6.7 MB)
  Labrador Sea (7.9 MB)
  Mediterranean Sea (10.5 MB)
  New England Shelf and the Gulf of Maine (4.4 MB)
  New York (Mid-Atlantic) Bight (15. 7 MB)
  Northeast Atlantic (18.9 MB)
  Northwest Africa (9.5 MB)
  North Sea and Skagerrak Strait (2.6 MB)
  Norwegian Shelf (9.9 MB)
  Southeast United States (9.0 MB)
  Strait of Gibraltar (18.5 MB)
  Strait of Messina (1.7 MB) 
  Western Equatorial Atlantic (2.7 MB)
  West Central Africa (5.7 MB)
South Atlantic Ocean
  North Brazil Shelf (7.3 MB)
  South Brazil Shelf (1.8 MB)
  Southwest Africa (17.1 MB)
North Pacific  Ocean
  British Colombia (8.8 MB)
  Celebes Sea (3.3 MB)
  Central American Pacific Coast (5.8 MB)
  East China Sea (6.3 MB)
  Eastern Equatorial Pacific (5.8 MB)
  Gulf of Alaska (25.8 MB)
  Gulf of California and the Baja Pacific Coast (5.9 MB)
  Kamchatka - Pacific Coast (1.0 MB)
  Kuril Islands (1.4 MB)
  Northeast Japan (4.7 MB)
  Sea of Japan - Korea Strait (4.1 MB)
  Sea of Okhotsk (6.5 MB)
  South China Sea (65.3 MB)
  Sulu Sea (5.3 MB)
  United States (California) Pacific Coast (12.7 MB)
  United States - Pacific Northwest (1.1 MB)
  Yellow Sea (6.2 MB)
South Pacific Ocean
  Australian Northeast Shelf (1.3 MB)
  Galapagos Islands (11.0) MB
  Indonesian Seas (12.5 MB)
  New Guinea (4.4 MB)
  New Zealand (2.3 MB)
  Northwest South America (4.2 MB)
Indian Ocean
  Andaman Sea (15.1 MB)
  Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman (5.0 MB)
  Australian Northwest Shelf (2.9 MB)
  Bay of Bengal (2.3 MB)
  Eastern Equatorial Indian Ocean (3.3 MB)
  Northeast Africa (2.2 MB)
  Southeast Africa (4.2 MB)
  Western Equatorial Indian Ocean (1.9 MB)
Notes on Sources